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Personal Trainer:  I just signed up for a personal training session with Casey Spencer, Certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. Really reasonable rates. Early morning, evening & weekend appointments. Her contact info: 765-376-7706.


Rhonda brings 25 years of reflexology experience to her new practice here at Healing Arts. At $35 an hour, it is truly a bargain and benefits the entire body as well as specific foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. She will be available by appointment only Monday, Wednesday & Friday. E-mail:, cell: 309-235-6387, home: 765-307-2315.

 Healing Arts Center has moved to 515A Wallace Ave., Crawfordsville, IN  It is 3 blocks south of Wabash Ave.  on Wallace, across from the FedX station and the new Crawfordsville Middle School. 

The Float Tank is here! Experience Tranquil-A-Sea!!

Flotation Therapy is a tank with 10 inches of water at skin temperature containing 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. So much of your mind and body are occupied with simply responding to gravity. Without this nuisance, the mind and body are free to realize their potential.

It can offer sensory deprivation for the ultimate "unplugging from stress" experience.

Floation therapy is great for chronic pain conditions including Fibromyalgia and arthritis.

It is also effective in combating opiate addiction and withdrawal as the body makes its own opiates during the float. 

Many people are deficient in magnesium. The float tank will give you magnesium which boosts your mood and combats muscle tightness and soreness.

On my first float I had bruises. They were noticeably fainter immediately after and continued to fade throughout the day.

It is a great way for athletes to recover, visualize ways to improve, etc.

Or, just let your mind and body go and experience the brain wave patterns that Zen Buddist  monks train for 20 years to achieve.  

Floats are 60 or 90 minutes and if you drift off during that time, the rest is more complete and restorative than a full night's sleep. I experienced much better sleep for several days after floating.

It also enhances learning ability. 

MORE details on the Tranquil-A-Sea page... 






New Service add-ons:


  • Deep Muscle Therapy: Menthol rub with cross-fiber friction on problem areas, followed by hot towels & a heat compress. Add $10.

  • Raindrop Technique: Application of essential oils to the spine and feet to boost the body's immune system and enhance overall health. Add to any table massage for $40.
New Massage Option:

2-hour Hot Stone massage with Chakra Balancing: $110